LeAp Schedule for the 2017-2018 School Year

Last Updated 11/14/17

New LeAp Activity Descriptions (2017-2018 School Year)

 We've all seen the movie Pitch Perfect, and if you haven't, you're in luck!  We're bringing Pitch Perfect to you!  LeAp is proud to present an all new A Cappella class! In class we will learn the basics and fundamentals of singing, as well as a cappella skills - beat boxing, stage presence, harmonies, movement, and more!  Singing songs from all over the charts, we'll be expanding our musical skills, and may even have visits from a few guest groups!  Get ready to move, sing, and collaborate with your friends to bring A Cappella to LeAp!

Coding and VR (Beginner and Advanced):

Coding class will introduce student to HTML, CSS and Javascript. We will progress at student's level and then focus on creating games (Stratch/Tinker/Hopscotch) then we will advance to Unity, using C# scripting language. VR (Virtual Reality) will be incorporated via 360 camera. Students will create videos projects for google cardboard and view them in class with Google cardboard goggles. We will be able to learn about A-frame, to format our 360 videos and photos in HTML, and share them on webpages. 

Advanced Coding and VR: Recommended for students who are knowledgeable in block code. Advanced students may sign up for 2 periods if space permits.

Comics and Cartooning
In 'Comics and Cartooning', students will learn everything there is to know about making their own comics from a professional cartoonist; from writing their own stories, to coming up with characters, to drawing their comics and sharing them with others. Students will discover the full range of what comics can be, from short autobiographical works to larger science fiction stories and everything in between. This class will focus on how everything we make, regardless of what it is, should come from a personal place and how sincerity has never been more important in both the work we make and in the world around us.

Creative Writing 

Whether you are a student who hides under the bed when you get a writing assignment or one who is working on a full-length novel, join Creative Writing and explore the joy and thrill of expressing yourself through poetry, fiction, memoir, and playwriting. We will write sound poems in the style of the Dadaists; listen to Hip Hop and create our own spoken word pieces; write collaborative short fiction that can accompanied by illustration and/or turned into interpretative dance; use movement and improv to write from the perspectives of others; and tell the stories of our lives through the senses of our animals, objects, and homes. In all of the above there will be flexibility to write about what is most alive and exciting for you!

  Do you enjoy writing?  Have you ever performed in front of an audience and are itching to do it again?  Do you enjoy being a leader and collaborating with others in working towards a goal?  Well join LeAp's Drama Class, where you'll have an opportunity to do all of these and more!  Our drama class will combine different elements of theatre, focusing on the fundamentals of acting, improvisation, playwriting, story telling, and movement.  We will be strengthening the tools in our "actors tool box" and will work towards a final performance piece for the end of the year.  We will be learning skills every actor needs to know that will serve as a solid foundation in your journey as a theatre artist!

Drum and Dance Team

Funmilayo teaches her unique cardio dance workout based on fusion of Congolese, Latin, and Caribbean dance styles. Students of all levels of fitness receive an optimal work-out through intuitive, easy to learn movements and gradual increase in cardio training to dynamic music with live drumming. Participants will also learn drumming.


In fitness students will learn strength and cardio exercises that can be practiced anywhere. They will learn what muscles are being used when exercising and how to strengthen and stretch those muscle for optimum performance.

They will learn circuit and interval training, how to excel in running, kick boxing, nutrition, and how to avoid or work with an injury.

Students will also participate in group sports like basketball, kickball, soccer and dodgeball.

This class is open to students of all fitness levels.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a space for girls to talk about/create art around their hopes, fears, and experiences as girls growing up in NYC in 2017. Students help lead and shape the discussion and culminating projects, so all passions and questions are welcome here!  In addition to student-led projects we will learn theater techniques and improvisational games that help us explore our individual and group identities; explore the question: what is gender anyway?; learn about intersectionality and  feminist artists from the Where We At collective (Black Arts Movement) and Riot Grrrl movements; and create our own zines, as well as a final mixed-media project. Past final projects have included student-written and directed videos about hormones, experiencing sexism in school, and body image; a website devoted to girls supporting other girls; and a photo storytelling project about groundbreaking feminists who inspire us. This is a space for all self-identified girls to come together and support each other, as they adjust to middle school, become teenagers, and then go on to change the world!

Health and Nutrition Workshop

OBJECTIVE: Students will identify their nutritional habits and learn about healthy choices, resources, utensils, habits, math-connection and finally cooking.

SUMMARY: Nutritional and menu habits will be discussed; resources for healthy living will be identified; utensils for healthy cooking will be explored. Healthy habits for the 21st century and fun healthy cooking will be encouraged. Lastly students will learn the connection between math and cooking.

Minecraft (Beginner and Advanced)

Special projects in Minecraft:

In this class, students will use MInecraft in Creative Mode to build and design from challenges posed in class. We will draw from known architects and/or be introduced to architectural styles as well as "Buildings of the Future", "sustainable Worlds", "Intergalactic Worlds" and the myriad ideas students will develop on their own. We will be using Ipads in class, so if you want to bring your own laptop and mouse, please feel free to do so. Projects can be filmed for sharing and for presentation at the LEAP celebrations.

Advanced Minecraft: Recommended for returning students and students who are skilled in command blocks. 

Power Hour
Will empower Students to be dynamic leaders; the components are as follows:
1.Introduction to Leadership: Students will identify leaders and qualities of Leaders
2.Self Concept: Students will identify positive attributes about themselves and their classmates.
3.Ethics and Social Responsibility: Students will identify their values, attitudes and dreams, and understand how these apply to
their lives
4. Group Dynamics: Students will work effectively with each other.
5. Vision and Imagination: Students will use their imaginations to understand different perspectives.
6. Feelings and Empathy: Students will identify feelings in themselves and others.
7. Decision Making: Students will demonstrate effective decision-making skills and analyze decisions in relation to ethics and values.
8. Organized for Life: Students will learn techniques to be successful students and future adults.
9. Conflict Management Objective: Students will define conflict and demonstrate effective conflict management skills.
10. Character in Action: Students will demonstrate character and leadership through an individual or group project.
Using the Experiential Learning Cycle this class will empower students for life.

Speech and Debate

In this class, students will learn about the art of public speaking, with an emphasis on debate. Using theater techniques and improvisational games, students will learn to speak comfortably in front of a group and engage in extemporaneous speaking (impromptu speeches analyzing current events) ; how to think on their feet while under pressure; and the difference between getting into an argument and shaping a strong argument. They will learn research skills and rhetorical strategies for understanding perspectives different from their own. We will also analyze the sea of media around us so students can recognize the difference between news and advertising/propaganda/ “fake news.” By the end of the year, students will be able to engage in every step of a parliamentary-style debate!  

Yoga & Meditation

In yoga we will practice flow (vinyasa) yoga where practitioners move fluidly from one pose to another combined with holding and exploring individual poses. We will focus on using yoga for coping with stress and using the practice to enhance concentration and energy. Students will learn proper alignment of the poses, breathing techniques, inversions, balancing poses, arm balances, standing and seated poses. All classes end with a reclined relaxation and seated meditation.