FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions 

The goal of LeAp is to provide your child with a fun, enriching art education in a safe, controlled environment. 
Below are answers to questions that should give you insight into how we run our program.
During our annual family orientations, we discuss our policies and procedures in detail. You may view our policies and procedures in .pdf form by clicking here.
You may also download a LEAP Parent handbook containing the policies by clicking here

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Bulletin from the Director

LEAP Policies and Procedures 

What is Leap and Compass Programs?
LEAP is a non-profit organization that has partnered with MS 51 and the Department of Youth and Community Development to provide free after-school enrichment programming. The purpose of the Leap after-school program is to provide programming in Literacy, Leadership and STEM (Science Technology and Math). Leap is not a homework help program although there is time scheduled in the day for students to do homework. Participants are not allowed to solely come to Leap for HW Time.

Please check out our website on a regular basis. Announcements will be posted on the MS 51 website and the LEAP Website-leapafterschoolat51.webs.com

Schedules and Rosters 
Please refer to the LEAP website for the program schedule and class rosters.

Activity Selection
To add or drop an activity, the parent or guardian of the child must contact Stephanie Weymouth and Cristina Angeles. To switch an activity, the student must complete an activity switch form and wait one week for admin to approve/deny the request. Permission to switch activities may also be requested by the parent/guardian.

Attendance Expectations 
Although LEAP is a free program students must commit to the program and the courses she/he selects. If a student is going to be absent, an email must be sent to Stephanie and Cristina. If a parent does not call or text to inform the program her/his student will be absent-that is considered an unexcused absence. After 3 unexcused absences a participant may be dropped from the program.
LEAP understands students at 51 have after-school obligations with their talent programs. We ask families to email the program to inform the program of the days your child will be in rehearsals or working with a teacher after-school. This is considered an excused absence.

Behavior Expectations: Respect Responsibility and Ready To Learn 
Respect: Means to treat others with kindness. Resolve conflicts in a healthy way via verbal communication. Maintain all classrooms Leap uses in an orderly fashion and follow the rules of the adults in the program

Responsibility: Means to come to the Leap program on the days you are assigned. Contact the program to inform Stephanie and Cristina of absences and coming straight to the cafeteria at dismissal time.

Ready to Learn: Means being open to learn new things and listen to your teacher.

You can download our Behavior Management Consequence Grid here

How is After-school Different than the School Day?
Bathroom- Students are not allowed to go to the bathroom by themselves. Students are taken to the bathroom in groups with an adult.

Supervision- Students are never allowed to be alone in the building. They will always be supervised by an adult and cannot walk alone in the hallways.

When LEAP starts- Students are not allowed to leave the building at dismissal time. They must report directly to the cafeteria. Once in the cafeteria they are not allowed to leave.

Once the Bell Rings All After-School Students Must Report Directly to Cafeteria-
Students are not permitted to leave the building. 
Students will receive snack, sit at their assigned tables, and be escorted to their assigned classes.

Self-Dismissal means a child can leave the building at 6pm without a parent or guardian. Self-dismissal does not mean a child can leave whenever she/he feels like it. If a child is self-dismissal and needs to leave before 6pm Stephanie will need written permission to release the child.
All students must do one session of HW time and/or Activity. Students are not permitted to do only HW time. Students can do two sessions of an activity.

Celebration Performances 
Our performances occur twice a year. They are scheduled for December 20th and June 24th.

If you have any other questions, feel free to visit to contact us.

How often does LEAP meet?

LeAp meets 5 days a week and runs the entire school year (September through June). For any LeAp schedule changes, or any modified half-day and school holiday schedules, please regularly check the News and Notices section on our homepage. 

Does my child have to go to LEAP everyday?

Your child is not required to attend LeAp every day of the week. They can attend LeAp from one day a week up to five days a week. Whether your child wants to drop a day or add more days, you must contact Stephanie Weymouth and Cristina Angeles.

What is the average class size?

The average class size is less than 15 students. We take pride in our small class sizes, which allow for every LEAP student to get the focused attention that they need to thrive.

What happens between 3pm and 6pm?

After their last scheduled school period, LEAP students are required to immediately report to the school cafeteria. Students have fifteen minutes to enjoy their free nutritious snack provided by LEAP, before they are dismissed by class group. Students are then escorted by our teachers and group leaders to their designated classrooms.
LeAp classes occur during two periods, each lasting an hour and a half long. Students attend their first class, then, at 4:30, they are escorted to their second class. For an example of the weekly class schedule, please see the LeAp Schedule tab.
At 5:45pm, the students and Activity specialists gather downstairs and the students are dismissed to their authorized guardians.

Will my child be assigned homework?

Depending on the enrichment class, a student may be given an assignment to complete by the time the next class occurs. 

If my child will be absent, what should I do?

Contact Stephanie Weymouth or Cristina Angeles in the event that your child will be absent from LeAp after school. Please be aware that too many unexcused absences may result in your child being dropped from the program.

What is your policy on cellphones and electronics?

Students are not permitted to use their phones during class. If a student needs to take or make a call to a guardian, they are required to be escorted to the LEAP office, where they can make their phone call without disrupting other students.

What happens if my child has other after-school activities but still wants to be in LeAp?

We understand that middle school students have the desire to try new and exciting activities to discover new interests. Parents with students who want to engage in other after-school activities but want to participate with LeAp must contact Stephanie Weymouth to discuss the best attendance schedule for their child. 

How are the students dismissed? What does self-dismissal mean?

At 5:45pm, every class is escorted to the main entrance of the building for dismissal.
Students who are not allowed to walk home alone are only released to the guardian/s written down in the authorized list of the pick/up dismissal section of their Compass application (unless otherwise specified by a trusted parent/guardian.)
Students who are allowed to walk home alone at dismissal are only allowed to be dismissed at the end of program.

Every student must sign their name on a sign-out sheet before leaving, and no student is allowed to dismiss themselves while in class, or during the period between classes (unless an authorized guardian contacts the office.)