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Hello LeAp Families!

Welcome to our Weekly Class Blog! 

In our weekly posts, we will highlight program events.

Highlights can include descriptions and/or photos of student work, special workshops, special events, etc.

Different classes will be highlighted every week, so stay tuned!

Photo Credit Note: Unless otherwise noted, many of the photos on this page are taken by Victoria, our student Junior Photographer!

March 13th-March 17th

March 6th-March 10th

This week, students in Power Hour carried out their campaign, Random Acts of Kindness.
A Random Act of Kindness is 'something nice that you can do for someone on the spur of the moment for no particular reason.'
To show their appreciation, students wrote poems and performed songs for adults in the LeAp program. Then, they went around the school and assisted adults with minor tasks (like lifting, and tidying up spaces.)

Jun Hao assists a MS51 teacher.

Adonis and Mael tidy up a corner of the LeAp office.

Power Hour students assists a MS51 teacher by cleaning a corner of her office.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Feb 27th-March 3rd

This week, Girl Talk got a visit from the girls of Camp Friendship. 

The girls from Camp Friendship shared the skills they learned over the summer, such as archery and sailing. They also shared their experience as entrepreneurs-they share and sell their own jewelry! 

Django holds the informative brochure about Camp Friendship, a girl's summer camp in Maine.

Emily Duda, the director of Camp Friendship, explains with camper and entrepreneur Victoria explains their business model for their jewelry company which raises funds for the camp.

 Emily Duda (with campers Victoria and Alyssa) demonstrate how their jewelry is made as Leapsters Amber and Hailey look on.

Girl Talk is taught by Ms.Jillian, a writer and humanitarian.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Feb 13th-Feb 17th

The Valentine's Day holiday fell on a Tuesday this week, so our Thankful Tuesday theme was, 
'Thankful for Speaking Another Language'
Students volunteered to come up and tell or show everyone how to say 'I Love You' in another language.
We also put up a giant heart shaped chart paper for students to write 'I Love You' in another language.

After our snack time activity, Mr.Dorian dressed up as Cupid and distributed candy and handwritten valentines to the students! 

Live, Love, LeAp,

Feb 6th-Feb 10th

This week we are going to start Class Follow-Up blog posts!

LeAp After school activities follow fun and challenging curriculums. 

From this week on, we will update you on the progress our students have made since the last time we highlighted their classes.

Class Follow-Ups

At the beginning of the year, Minecraft students were learning how to read arch code to create arches and other simple structures in their Minecraft worlds.

Since then, students have learned to read more complex codes to develop their own entire communities and cities. Their structures contain elements to make their communities more sustainable.

To show off their work, students write their own voice-over scripts and record themselves speaking over an aerial in-game tour of their Minecraft worlds.

This is my World
narrated by Xin Yuan

This is my world.
This is the elevator I made.  In this elevator wall, there are Sealanterns inside.  It lights up so you can see what's inside...
...Now let's just take a little ride and go to my farmland.

So here you can see our animals.  Here is where the sheep and the cows live.  They can drink from this little pond.  This lava [at the mouth of the pond] is a water purifier so if animals poop near it,  it can get purified so it's clean for them to drink,  even when there is  fertilizer runoff.

The videos recorded by students are uploaded to a class Youtube channel. Students maintain and post videos on their individual and collaborative work. 

Links and videos coming soon!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Jan 30th-Feb 3rd

Our Thankful Tuesdays activity now involves interactive demonstrations! 

We present the students with a theme and ask volunteers to come up and say what they're thankful for in correspondence to the theme. 

This week we were grateful for Traveling. 

Shivam was thankful for traveling overseas to see his family.

Emily was thankful to travel within the United States for a family vacation.

Meanwhile, LeAp students pinned tacks on a corkboard of a world map to represent the places they have traveled to!

Students instruct Ms. Jeneen where to place the tacks.

Gabriel holds up the impressive display made by 

our LeAp globetrotters!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Jan 23rd-Jan 27th

This week, we tried something new for our Wednesday weekly activity, Worry-Free Wednesday. 

We are now including presentations and demonstrations to improve self-esteem in our LeAp students!

For our first self-esteem presentation, we taught students about the importance of body language and how to portray self-confidence.

On the right are examples of 'high power' poses. Students were encouraged to stand up straight and put their hands on their hips-like Superman- in order to embody power, reduce stress, and exude confidence.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Jan 16th-Jan 20th 

Class Highlights-
A Capella

Following a workshop by AOTA, A Capella students reflected on the performance and then prepared to perform their own solos for the class. 

Students warm up together before their solo performances. 

Students use their warm-up time to put on a show for Photographer and Group Leader Mr.Dorian!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Jan 9th-Jan 13th

Event Highlights-
All Of The Above (AOTA) A Capella Performance!

This week, our students were treated to a special performance by a professional A Capella group named All Of The Above! 

Ms.Stephanie invited the group from her alma matter, Drew University. 

We were honored that they took time out of their tour to make a stop at MS51!

Ms. Stephanie introduces All Of The Above to the students.

The group performed three covers of current Pop hits.

Students made signs to welcome the group!

After the performance, All Of The Above did a workshop for Ms.Stephanie's A Capella class.

We would like to thank AOTA for their stellar performance and class workshop!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Jan 2nd-Jan 6th

This week, we had a special version of our Monday weekly activity, Melodious Mondays. A Capella students organized a presentation to show the history of A Capella music. 

Weekly Class Highlights-
Creative Arts

This week, students learned about surrealism. They made full color drawings of the interior and exterior of a window. They were assigned to draw something improbable inside the window. 

Focusing on the juxtaposition of images, students should be able to create a strange composition.

On the left, Leah draws a house with many windows. 

Above, Hailey draws a group of people through a window.

Creative Arts is taught by Mr. Haines, a comic book artist.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Dec 19th-Dec 22nd-The Week of our Winter Celebration and Ice Skating Trips!

The last week before Winter Break was the busiest week we've ever had at LeAp at Ms51! We had two events in one week!

Event Highlights-
LeAp Winter Celebration!

Our annual LeAp Winter Celebration was held on December 20th, 2016. 

First, we hosted a Gallery to show off work from our Art, Literacy, STEM and Leadership classes.

Event Highlights-
LeAp Ice Skating Trips!

On December 21st and 22nd we held our first two trips of the LeAp school year! 

We took two groups of students to LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park for a fun day of Ice Skating

Live, Love, LeAp,

Dec 12th-Dec 16th-Meet our surprise guest blogger!!

Class Highlights-
Creative Writing
by Ms.Buckley

At our recent Winter Celebration, this year’s Creative Writing classes were excited to share the poems and stories they have been working on since we began this school year. Students helped arrange a table where we showcased copies of a class-created journal, as well as a laptop displaying our Creative Writing blog, where students post finished pieces of poetry and prose.

During our first poetry unit, we learned about Dadism and sound poetry, focusing on aural rhythms and melodies, which segued nicely into a unit on Spoken Word. After a brief foray into the naturalistic themes and brevity of haikus, we have moved on to creating poetry using existing texts. Our creative writers have learned how to alter poems, stories, and magazine articles using anagrams (rearranging the letters of existing words to create new words), erasure (removing existing letters or words to give a text new meaning), and sight translation (“translating” poems using a variety of techniques, including visual approximation, what word in a known language does an unfamiliar word look like?).

Students listen while another student reads their piece out loud.

Adonis shows a signature above his new writing assignment.

This week, we will begin our unit on fiction, learning all the elements of a story so we can create our own characters and the worlds we imagine for them. We look forward to sharing these stories in the Spring Celebration journal!

Creative Writing is taught by Ms. Buckley, a writer. You can view the MS 51 LeAp Creative Writing Blog by clicking here.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Dec 5th-Dec 9th

Student Activity Highlights-
LeAp Student Photography

Since her inspiring PowerPoint presentation, LeAp Junior Photographer Victoria has inspired other students to explore photography as a hobby. At LeAp, we always encourage students to explore their interests.

This week we will highlight photography taken by LeAp students. We will update you on their progress as their skills and confidence behind the camera improve!

Above, Rihannon poses as a model to help the photographer frame his subject. 

Below, Anjay may be out of focus, but his silly pose was captured in time!


Group Leader Mr.Dorian brought in a wooden model for students to experiment with different focusing modes. 

Class Highlights-
Study Hall

Study Hall isn't a LeAp enrichment class, but this structured time is beneficial to the success of our LeAp students. Students use the hour-length time they have to complete homework assignments, study, or read. Students are given 40 minutes of silent time and 20 minutes of group work time.

Students utilize their silent work time under the supervision of Ms. Weymouth and Ms. Downie.

Girls working in a group during group work time pose for the camera.

Study Hall is supervised by an alternating group of LeAp Activity Specialists and Group Leaders.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Nov 28th-Dec 2nd

As we welcomed students back from their Thanksgiving Holiday break, we began preparations for our annual Winter Celebration. For the first time ever, our Winter Celebration will occur in two parts- a gallery portion and a performance portion. For more information about the celebration, please visit our home page or contact us.

Every Thursday, our group leaders introduce a new SHSAT word to students in an activity called There are Too Many Words Thursdays. At the end of the year, we will use all of these words in a LeAp spelling bee. 

For this week's There are Too Many Words Thursdays activity, Group Leaders Mr. Dorian and Ms. Kimberly wrote a script for two students to perform. Hamza and Lauren performed a skit to demonstrate the meaning of the word Zealous. Then, two students came up to read the definition of the word and use the word in a sentence. 

Class Highlights-
Drum and Dance

Photo Credit Mr.Dorian

This week in Drum and Dance, students demonstrated proper sticking and learned how drumming is incorporated in Brazilian communities and rituals. Students drummed in patterns of 4’s and 2’s and learned the drum pattern of hip-hop. 

Students learned the history of the drum as well as 

three call and response rhythms from Brazil.

Ms. Funmi starts off drum practice 

Drum and Dance is taught by Ms.Funmi, a dancer, musician, and lifestyle advisor. 

Live, Love, Leap,

Nov 21-Nov 23

Due to Thanksgiving Holiday this week, we will highlight our weekly activity, Thankful Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we ask one student and one staff member to say one thing they're thankful for. LeAp student Gabriel came up and delighted everyone with his mature answer:

"I am thankful to sleep in a clean bed every night, have good food to eat and clean water to drink everyday...not everyone has these important resources, which are very impossible not to live without..."

Gabriel poses with the poster he made which lists what he is thankful for.

Class Highlights-

This week, students continued writing their scripts in their notebooks, focusing on one scene that they would like to direct.

Drama is taught by Ms.Weymouth, a professional a capella singer and actress. 

Live, Love, LeAp,

Nov 14th-Nov 18th 

This week we will highlight our weekly Wednesday activity, Worry-Free Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, Ms. Downie guides students in a deep breathing and meditation session. This week, students were asked to stand up and stretch while they performed breathing exercises. 

Class Highlights-
Comic Book Making

This week, students in Comic Book Making used a prepared script to draw a two page story. This exercise helped students to determine the most essential elements of a story. 

Students decided how many panels and the pacing for their own story.  The students used their creativity to determine their own ending for their stories. Comic Book Making is taught by Mr. Haines, a comic book artist.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Nov 7th-Nov 11th

Due to school closings on Election Day and Veteran's Day, this was a short week for LeAp at MS 51.

Every Monday, Ms. Leiry introduces the students to a new song or genre of music. For this week's Melodious Mondays activity, Ms. Leiry presented the musical genre of Rock 'n Roll. Students watched clips of iconic Rock 'n Roll music videos and then learned classic Rock n Roll dance moves from an instructional video. 

Live, Love, LeAp,

Oct 31st-Nov 4th

Following a holiday on Monday, this was a very routine week for LeAp at Ms51.

On Monday, the day of Halloween, we had an early dismissal so students could have time to go Trick or Treating.

Every Friday we have our Freestyle Friday Activity, a time when students can show off their talents and passions. This week for our Freestyle Friday activity, Michelle Rojas presented her original Friendship flyer. She presented guidelines that should be followed by friends in order to create lasting, supportive relationships. 

Then, two sets of friends were brought up to tell a story about their friendships. Ramani and Issac told a story about the funniest thing that happened during their friendship. Xinyuan and Enjolie told everyone how they met. 

LeAp is planning to have a Friendship Day to celebrate and create and strengthen bonds between members of our after school community. The event is expected to take place during program hours. More information on this event coming soon!

Live, Love, LeAp

Photo Credit: Victoria Ortiz, 611

Oct 24th-Oct 28th-The Week of our Family Halloween Party!

Event Highlights-
LeAp Family Halloween Party!

For the first time, we welcomed parents to our annual Halloween Party, held on October 28th! 

Guests were treated to pizza and cupcakes while participating in activities such as Craft Corner, Jumbo Bowling, 

Pin-the-nose-on-the-pumpkin, and Paper Airplane making!

Photo credit to Mr.Dorian and Miss Victoria, our new LeAp Junior Photographer!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Oct 17th-Oct 21st- The Week of our Lights On Afterschool Parent Event!

Event Highlights-
Lights on After school Parent Event/LeAp Open House! 

Our first parent event of the school year took place on Thursday, October 20th. At the beginning of program, we welcomed parents to the cafeteria to see a special version of our weekly Thursday activity, There Are Too Many Words Thursday. Our weekly word was Aspire. Students spoke about what they aspired to be.
After students were escorted to their classes, Parents/Guardians visited our enrichment classes at 15 minute intervals. During our switch period, (when study hall students switch from to enrichment classes and vice versa) parents filled out surveys and received a book and certificate welcoming them to the MS 51 LeAp Family. At the end of the event, Parents/Guardians collaborated with students in an activity from our Power Hour class.

Victoria and her mom hold hands during a bonding activity in Power Hour

Parents ask each other questions during an activity in Power Hour.

Parents/Guardians collaborate with Power Hour students.

Live, Love, LeAp,

Oct 10th-Oct 14th

Just like the previous week, LeAp only operated for three days of the week. 

On Tuesday, LeAp was invited to present at a student activity assembly, organized by MS51 Student Government.  We would like to extend special thanks to Sam Levine, Student President, for inviting us to the assembly. We would also like to thank a LeAp student, Skyler Sher, for helping Ms. Cristina to introduce LeAp to the 6th grade student body!

For Our Too Many Words Thursday activity, Mr. Dorian introduced the students to the word Ballad. He shared a silly ballad with students about his love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

No Class Highlights this week! 

We are busy preparing for our Parent Event Next Week!

Live, Love, LeAp,

Oct 5th-Oct 7th

Our second month of LeAp began with a short 3-day week. We made preparations for our parent engagement event in collaboration with Lights On Afterschool. 

We are going to have an open house on Thursday, October 20th.

Parents will be able to drop by the program anytime and tour our classrooms. They will be free to ask questions, leave feedback and sit in any of our activities. 

Parents that arrive at the start of program will be treated to a special edition of our There Are Too Many Words Thursdays weekly activity.

More details about the event can be found on the home page.

For our There are Too Many Words Thursdays activity, Mr. Haines and Mr. Dorian presented the word ascend. Student volunteers came up and flew paper airplanes to demonstrate the literal meaning of the word.

Victoria Ortiz made a presentation of her original photography for Freestyle Friday. She engaged LeAp students with her interactive show and shared her knowledge of photography terms.


Class Highlights-

Students do the bridge pose

This week the yoga students learned asana basics and were introduced to seated meditations. Students also learned ways to improve their balance.

Yoga/Meditation is taught by Ms.Downie, a yoga instructor.

Olivia and Amber do the blossoming lotus pose

Live, Love, LeAp,

Sept 26th-Sept 30th

For the second full week of LeAp Afterschool, we worked on strengthening our community by establishing daily routines and providing opportunties for student input.

For our There are Too Many Words Thursdays Activity, we introduced the students to the word Flamboyant. Two students competed to turn two staff members from 'plain' to 'flamboyant'.

For our Freestyle Friday Activity, student volunteers participated in a tic-tac-toe relay relay race. 

On Friday, we also started a student committee to brainstorm ideas for our annual LeAp Halloween party, to be held on 

October 28th. Students offered their opinions on party favors, food options, and activities. 

Photos from last year's LeAp Halloween Party

Class Highlights-
Power Hour

Jaslyn shows off her personal statement, a contract of the goals she wants to achieve in in the near future.

This week we will feature our original class, Power Hour. The topics covered in the class are the following:

Setting Boundaries


Self Affirmation-Self Concept


Group Dynamics

Feelings and Empathy

Vision and Imagination

Violence Prevention


Final Project

This class is designed to help students to discover What is your genius?

Malek displays his agreement to achieve.

Power Hour was created by Ms. Funmi, a lifestyle adviser and professional dancer.

Live, Love, Leap,

Sept 19th-Sept 23rd-Our First Post of the 2016-2017 School Year!

Our first Monday of LeAp Afterschool welcomed a cafeteria full of nervous, excited students. 

The students gather at the cafeteria then sit at their assigned class tables.

Students in Comic Book Making are escorted to their class by Mr. Ryan.

On Mondays, during snack time, we hold an activity called Melodious Mondays. This Monday, we shared fun facts about the Cha Cha slide by Mr. C the Slide Man. Students volunteered to come up and dance. 

Clio holds up her prize for dancing the Cha Cha Slide during our Melodious Mondays activity.

During snack time on Tuesday, we held our Thankful Tuesdays Activity. One student and staff member came up and told everyone what they are grateful for.

Ali tells everyone what he is grateful for-LeAp Afterschool!

We hold a snack time activity for every day of the week. Stay tuned for highlights of our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday activities!

Class Highlights-
Coding and Minecraft (STEM)

Zora Charles used arch code to make an aqueduct in Minecraft

Daniel Dotsenko recreated one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, complete with 110 floors.

In Minecraft, students use the popular simulation video game Minecraft, to learn how to make their own sustainable worlds.

In Coding, students learn how to use different coding languages to make their own two-dimensional video games.

Coding and Minecraft are taught by Ms. Christine, a musician and tech extraordinaire. 

Issac Forson demonstrates what he has learned in Java Basics (coding)

Live, Love, Leap,