LeAp Schedule for the 2016-2017 School Year

Last Updated 9/13

LeAp Activity Descriptions (2016-2017 School Year)

  We've all seen the movie Pitch Perfect, and if you haven't, you're in luck!  We're bringing Pitch Perfect to you!  LeAp is proud to present an all new A Cappella class! In class we will learn the basics and fundamentals of singing, as well as a cappella skills - beat boxing, stage presence, harmonies, movement, and more!  Singing songs from all over the charts, we'll be expanding our musical skills, and may even have visits from a few guest groups!  Get ready to move, sing, and collaborate with your friends to bring A Cappella to LeAp!


Beginner Students will use use Ipad apps and Block Codes to make their own games. They may also use programs such as Hopscotch and Tinkercad to create 3D designs.

Students who are more comfortable with computers will begin to use JavaScript Language and Protocols with HTML to make simple websites. They will then use C-Sharp and Unity, beginner friendly programming languages, to create simple games. 

Comic Book Making
Do you love comics and animation?  The building blocks for these visual mediums are what we will spend the year working on in Comic Book Making. Students will create their own characters and stories. We will teach the fundamentals of the comic book medium like penciling, inking and coloring. We integrate literacy skills like point of view, plot, and character building into the visual medium of comics.  We will use the techniques of master comic maker Scott McCloud in his book Making Comics. At the end of this class students will have the experience of creating their own comic book stories.
Advanced Comic Book Making
Let’s continue to expand those visual storytelling skills. Continue to develop that story you started last year.  Have a whole new range of characters and ideas that you have been working on this summer? The goal of this class is to help students develop the skills from Comic Book Making. Students will pencil, ink, and color their own stories. This class will be devoted to the student’s creations. It is recommended that students have already completed one year of Comic Book Making before this class. 
Creative Arts
In Creative Arts we are trying to expose kids to a broad spectrum of artists, techniques, and mediums. Each week students will learn about artists whose stories will inform the hands-on projects that we do in class. As the year progresses students will learn about collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting.  We will use both classic and contemporary artists as examples to help students learn about the important role that art plays in our everyday lives.

Creative Writing 

Students will develop their writing skills submit entries to class blog and publish their own book of works.Want to be an author? Are your fingers itching to write poetry or prose? Creative Writing is a class where you can put your writing to test, have fun, and make great friends!

Advanced Creative Writing

Students who have taken a previous LeAp creative writing class are invited to join the advanced class where more time will be given for students to work on self-directed creative writing projects, with one-on-one feedback sessions with Ms. Buckley, the instructor. There will also be entire classes dedicated to learning the art of workshopping and giving constructive feedback to other students. Near the end of the year, students will have an opportunity to develop their stories and poems into short videos. Note: This course is recommended for returning students who have already taken a LeAp Creative Writing class.

Drum and Dance Team

Funmilayo teaches her unique cardio dance workout based on fusion of Congolese, Latin, and Caribbean dance styles. Students of all levels of fitness receive an optimal work-out through intuitive, easy to learn movements and gradual increase in cardio training to dynamic music with live drumming. Participants will also learn drumming.


In fitness students will learn strength and cardio exercises that can be practiced anywhere. They will learn what muscles are being used when exercising and how to strengthen and stretch those muscle for optimum performance.

They will learn circuit and interval training, how to excel in running, kick boxing, nutrition, and how to avoid or work with an injury.

Students will also participate in group sports like basketball, kickball, soccer and dodgeball.

This class is open to students of all fitness levels.

Girl Talk

Girl talk is a leadership class for middle school girls to discuss topics focused on important issues that effect girls. The girls will work on presentations and a girl leadership conference.


Minecraft students will make their own Minecraft movies. Students who have a basic knowledge of Minecraft will be able to create fascinating and exciting projects in their own Minecraft worlds. 

-Sustainable Worlds: Eco Villages with farms, animals and Renewable energy sources. 

-Stunning Modern Architectural and Green Design. 

-Farms and Greenhouse 

-Passive solar usage

-Building circular home 

-Hilarious Minecraft Rides

Power Hour
Will empower Students to be dynamic leaders; the components are as follows:
1.Introduction to Leadership: Students will identify leaders and qualities of Leaders
2.Self Concept: Students will identify positive attributes about themselves and their classmates.
3.Ethics and Social Responsibility: Students will identify their values, attitudes and dreams, and understand how these apply to
their lives
4. Group Dynamics: Students will work effectively with each other.
5. Vision and Imagination: Students will use their imaginations to understand different perspectives.
6. Feelings and Empathy: Students will identify feelings in themselves and others.
7. Decision Making: Students will demonstrate effective decision-making skills and analyze decisions in relation to ethics and values.
8. Organized for Life: Students will learn techniques to be successful students and future adults.
9. Conflict Management Objective: Students will define conflict and demonstrate effective conflict management skills.
10. Character in Action: Students will demonstrate character and leadership through an individual or group project.
Using the Experiential Learning Cycle this class will empower students for life.

Speech and Debate

This course provides instruction and practice in the art of public speaking, with an emphasis on debate. Students train to compete in tournaments in the events of Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate (a type of team debate), Extemporaneous Speaking (impromptu speeches analyzing current events), and Model Congress.  Most of the course focuses on the in-class debating of major political and ethical issues.  Students are taught case-writing, rebuttals, cross-examination skills, analytical thinking, and political and moral philosophy.

Advanced Speech & Debate
Returning students will jump right in where we left off last year, forming teams and engaging in Parliamentary style debate with their classmates. Students will have opportunities to learn more about city-wide debate leagues and camps. We will also discuss Current Events and create news briefings and debate videos to be shared with new students and the rest of LeAp.  Note: This course is recommended for returning students who have already taken a LeAp Speech and Debate class.
  Do you enjoy writing?  Have you ever performed in front of an audience and are itching to do it again?  Do you enjoy being a leader and collaborating with others in working towards a goal?  Well join LeAp's Drama Class, where you'll have an opportunity to do all of these and more!  Our drama class will combine different elements of theatre, focusing on the fundamentals of acting, improvisation, playwriting, story telling, and movement.  We will be strengthening the tools in our "actors tool box" and will work towards a final performance piece for the end of the year.  We will be learning skills every actor needs to know that will serve as a solid foundation in your journey as a theatre artist!

Yoga & Meditation

In yoga we will practice flow (vinyasa) yoga where practitioners move fluidly from one pose to another combined with holding and exploring individual poses. We will focus on using yoga for coping with stress and using the practice to enhance concentration and energy. Students will learn proper alignment of the poses, breathing techniques, inversions, balancing poses, arm balances, standing and seated poses. All classes end with a reclined relaxation and seated meditation.